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Seeing that Misfits Embroidered Patches is making you creepy, very scared? That's right, because it doesn't fit, it has become a fashion trend. Modern people don't have a little jewelry on their clothes. As the most common and fashionable Misfits Embroidered Patches, they have always been the fashion pursued by young people. So, what is the meaning of Shantou?

It is said that wearing human bones and shackles symbolizes impermanence on the one hand, and symbolizes victory over demons and death on the other hand, and has the meaning of blessing people's health. Misfits Embroidered Patches each patch measures 2.9 inches wide (measured from the widest point) by 3.9 inches tall, with laser cut border and plastic backing. If you like this Embroidered Patches, there is no minimum for customization.